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Journey to China and Taiwan

Starting April 7, 2016, 18 Friendship Force members from 4 Florida clubs traveled to mainland China for 2 unforgettable weeks and then followed with a one week home stay with the FF of Greater Taipei club.

This was an amazing adventure including a 4-day Yangtze River Cruise with stops in Shanghai, Xi'an, many villages along the Yangtze and finally days in Beijing followed by a flight to Taipei, Taiwan where we were met by an extremely fun-loving FF club. We were treated like royalty in Taiwan. Frank Hsaio was the host ED and made us all feel very welcome. They love to eat amazing food and sing and dance.


Marie Schumer

July, 1929 – September, 2011


Our dear friend and co-founder of our Sarasota chapter of Friendship Force passed away after many years of chronic illness and the debilitating effects of diabetes.  Although active in many other groups, her greatest love was helping to establish a Friendship Force chapter here in Sarasota in 1989. Some of her contributions were establishing a library in a remote town in Brazil following an exchange there in 1992.  She encouraged all of us to donate books which she arranged to have sent. In 1991 she was instrumental in arranging a 6 week visit and housing for 16 teens from Thailand on a special Educational Exchange. She led the way for sponsorship for the Strezev family from Moldova, and made possible a new life for them here. Many Friendship Force members pitched in to help on these endeavors, but it was Marie who was the driving force and initiator of these and many other projects.  Marie spread goodness and happiness wherever she went. Her last visit to us was at the 20th reunion party of FF in 2009. Her smile and cheerful attitude remains with us still. She leaves a legacy of devotion to people and the arts and to learning new things and accepting new challenges. She will be sorely missed.



An amount of $200 is being donated to the Friendship Force Legacy Fund in Marie’s name.





Standing Ann Hurst 

Seated Marie Schumer

Co-Founders of Our Club

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