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Upcoming Events

Journey to FF Isle of Wight & FF Cornwall

Beginning on Aug 30 to Sept 13, 18 Friendship Force members from Sarasota and Taiwan traveled to the Isle of Wight and Cornwall for 2 unforgettable weeks.

This was an exciting journey, meeting friends we hosted in Sarasota in 2015 and 2016. So nice to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends. Many of the ambassadors had pre and post-adventures as well.

2018 Exchanges

Click here to view full details for Xalapa-Tuxtla Gutierrez Trip and  Villa Hermosa Add on
January 31 - February 13, 2018, Kay Consigny, Ambassador Coordinator (AC)
October, 2018 Hartford Connecticut, details to come

2017 Exchanges

Jan 28-Feb 4
 Inbound Arts of Sarasota Global Exchange, ED Judi Stratton
 Aug 30-Sept 6
 Outbound Isle of Wight, ED Marie Beck
 Sept 6-13
 Outbound Cornwall, ED Marie Beck
 Oct 19-26
 Inbound Wellington, New Zealand, ED John Kestly

2016 Exchanges

Feb 25-Mar 1   Inbound from Western North Carolina, Phill Price, ED
 April 7-27

Outbound FF of Greater Taipei, Taiwan, EDs Terri Holsinger and Reeta Dean

 Oct 10-15
 Outbound Western NC (Asheville) Donna Schaeffer, ED
 Nov 4-11
 Inbound Cornwall, England, Ramona McGee, ED

2015 Exchanges

Feb 18-25
 Inbound Isle of Wight, Terri Holsinger, ED
 April 16-28
 Outbound Santa Barbara/Napa/Sonoma, EDs Bob & Judy Joyce
 Aug 30-Sept 5
 Outbound Eastern Netherlands, Peggy Hayden, ED

Our 2014 Exchanges

Jan 31-Feb 9

Inbound Global Themed Exchange "Experience The Arts of Greater Sarasota, FL - Gloria Grenier ED

March 24-31 Inbound Exchange From Hamburg, Germany - Mary McClendon ED
April 24-30 Outbound Exchange to Albuquerque - Don Nicholson ED
Sept 29 - Oct 13 Outbound Exchange to Australia/New Zealand -Judi Stratton ED
Nov. 11-18
Inbound Albuquerque, NM

2013 Exchanges

April 14-24

Inbound from Seattle-Tacoma, WA - Gloria Grenier ED

Sept 24 -Oct 12 Outbound To Greater Yalta (Ukraine) - Ramona McGee ED

 Nov 7-4

Inbound from Trujillo, Peru - Walt and Mary Prouty ED's

2012 Exchanges

May 19-26
Inbound From Bogota, Colombia - Bonnie Frey & Reeta Dean EDs
 Aug. 9-16 Outbound To Seattle-Tacoma, WA - Katy Goodwin ED
Sept. 10-28
Outbound To Tirana, Albania - Helga Ponischil ED