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Journey to China and Taiwan

Starting April 7, 2016, 18 Friendship Force members from 4 Florida clubs traveled to mainland China for 2 unforgettable weeks and then followed with a one week home stay with the FF of Greater Taipei club.

This was an amazing adventure including a 4-day Yangtze River Cruise with stops in Shanghai, Xi'an, many villages along the Yangtze and finally days in Beijing followed by a flight to Taipei, Taiwan where we were met by an extremely fun-loving FF club. We were treated like royalty in Taiwan. Frank Hsaio was the host ED and made us all feel very welcome. They love to eat amazing food and sing and dance.

                                   CLUB HISTORY


 In March 1989 five brave souls in Sarasota decided to plan a mini-exchange with the cooperation of the Spring Hill Florida Friendship Force Club. Spring Hill was hosting a group from New Zealand and encouraged us here in Sarasota to take 5 of their Ambassadors to plan and execute a Friendship Force exchange.  (We have always called this our mini-exchange.)  We did all of the planning just as if we were hosting 20-25 Ambassadors.  We worked a budget, hosted and planned activities. From that experience Bob and Joan Sternberger, Marie Schumer, Ann and John Hurst were like the Little Engine That Could – we could and we did. 

 Friendship Force of Sarasota began in June of 1989 with mailings to all our friends and acquaintances telling them of our experiences. By this time three of us had traveled as FF ambassadors with the Spring Hill Club.  We encouraged them to become a part of a group that believes in Faces Not Places, that a World of Friends is A World of Peace and that when taking part in an out-bound exchange; we believe that we can make a difference and we recognize that we have a mission.  That mission is to be a friend to the people of the world and as we embark on this adventure, we know that others will be watching us.  We know that, through our example to our fellow citizens, and the people of other Nations, the cause of Friendship, Love and Peace can be furthered!


We received our operating charter from Friendship Force in Atlanta August of 1989.

 Ann Hurst, Co-founder


                                                                New Zealand Mini-Exchange

To View a Picture taken at the 1991 FF Festival in Bangkok, Thailand, Click on the Following Link  John and Ann Hurst and Bob Sternberger on the Left Watching the Sister of the Tai King Walking with the International Rep of FF