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Journey to China and Taiwan

Starting April 7, 2016, 18 Friendship Force members from 4 Florida clubs traveled to mainland China for 2 unforgettable weeks and then followed with a one week home stay with the FF of Greater Taipei club.

This was an amazing adventure including a 4-day Yangtze River Cruise with stops in Shanghai, Xi'an, many villages along the Yangtze and finally days in Beijing followed by a flight to Taipei, Taiwan where we were met by an extremely fun-loving FF club. We were treated like royalty in Taiwan. Frank Hsaio was the host ED and made us all feel very welcome. They love to eat amazing food and sing and dance.

Our Officers:  January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017  

President:  Barb Hahn 
Vice President:  Patda DeLaTorre 
Treasurer:  Sandy Tuveson 
Secretary: Margaret Lewis 
                                           About Our Club

Sarasota  Club Members  enjoy special events and the monthly  general meetings held on the first Thursday of the month at the Waldemere Fire Station on Waldemere St.. Sarasota,  Florida at 7 PM.   The club newsletter,  "The Friends Connection"  is available on our web site and gives details of all the club's  activities.

Members may  join other Friendship Force clubs  on their  exchanges if  room  is  available.  Information on  these exchanges may be obtained from  the Atlanta  Office  and  by consulting the  website for exchanges at

All exchanges are coordinated by Friendship  Force  International in  Atlanta, Georgia.  This  includes setting the  annual exchange  schedule  and coordinating the exchange plan for  each licensed club.


       1989     1998  
APRIL Inbound From New Zealand - OUR FIRST EXCHANGEFEBRUARY Inbound  from Connecticut/New Hampshire 
      1990 MARCHInbound From Isle  of Wight/Wessex/Hamp-shire, England 
FEBRUARY Inbound Flensburg, Germany.  A group of  University Students. MAYOutbound Chile/Brazil 
MARCHHosted a Conference for six Florida ClubsJUNE Outbound  to Connecticut/New Hampshire
JUNE Outbound to Cardiff, Wales.  A Friendship Force Festival followed by Home Hosting Cardiff and the Isle of Wight, UK. AUGUSTInbound Student Bridgebuilder  from Izmir, Turkey 
SEPTEMBER All Florida Conference.  Hosted by the West Palm  Beach Club. SEPTEMBER Outbound  Rijnmond,  Netherlands  & Germany 
      1991 OCTOBER Inbound  from  Rheinhessen/Alzey,Ger-many 
MARCH    Inbound from  Peine/Braunschweig    1999 
APRIL Outbound  Victoria, Canada FEBRUARY Inbound from Aichi Prefecture, Japan 
APRIL A Friendship Force Festival and  Home  Hosting MARCH Inbound from Montana 
MARCH,APRIL Hosted 16  Thailand students a  Special Educational  Exchange APRIL Inbound from Hannover, Germany 
JUNE Outbound to Peine/Braunschweig SUMMER Outbound to Great Falls, Montana 
OCTOBER Inbound  from  Glasshouse  Mountain, Australia OCTOBER Outbound  to New Zealand 
NOVEMBER All Florida Conference. Hosted by The Florida Suncoast Club. NOVEMBER Outbound  to China 

Outbound to Thailand.  A Friendship Force Festival  and one week of Home Hosting. 



    1992      2000  
MARCH Outbound  to Brazil with Home Hosting inBrasilia and Joao MonlevadeFEBRUARY Inbound from Florence, SC & Morganton, NC 
MAY Inbound Derbyshire, England MAY Outbound to Florence, SC & Morganton, NC 
SEPTEMBER Inbounnd  Kildare, Ireland JUNE Outbound to Edmonton,Canada  
OCTOBER The Sarasota  Club hosted the All Florida  Conference JULY Inbound Russian Leadership Program 
OCTOBER Outbound New  Zealand Our Largest  Exchange  To  Date OCTOBER Outbound  to Bella Horizanti & Rio, Brazil 
DECEMBER Outbound to Tuxtia Gutierrez, Mexico    2001  
      1993 APRIL Inbound from Peracicaba, Brazil 
MARCH Inbound   from   Moldova AUGUST Outbound to Cluj, Romania 
JUNE Outbound to  St.  Petersburg, Republic  of Russia,  Riga, Latvia and  Tallinn,  Estoria    2002  
SEPTEMBER Outbound Bree, Belgium &  Kiel, Germany MAY Outbound to Harrisburg & Lancaster, PA 
OCTOBER Inbound from Brazil JULY Outbound to No. Colorado 
OCTOBER Inbound from New Zealand    2003  
OCTOBER All Florida Conference hosted by The New Smyna Beach Club FEBRUARY Inbound from Harrisburg & Lancaster, PA 
      1994 MARCH Inbound from No. Colorado 
JANUARYInbound from Ankara, Turkey JULY Inbound Russian Open World Program 
FEBRUARYInbound from Riga, LatviaOCTOBER Outbound South Africa 
MAYOutbound to Causeway Coast No. Ireland   2004  
SEPTEMBEROutbound to HungaryMARCH Inbound from Oklahoma 

JULY Inbound from Koriyama, Japan 


SEPTEMBER Inbound Causeway Coast, No. Ireland 


       1995           2005  
 MARCHOutbound to Costa RicaAPRIL Outbound  to Ota Gunma & Koriyama, Japan 
 MAYInbound from New Zealand JUNE Outbound to Oklahoma 
 NOVEMBEROutbound to Australia JULY Inbound Russian Open World Program 
     1996  OCTOBER Inbound from Memphis, TN 
MARCH Inbound inter-club visit Olympia, Washington   2006  
MAY Outbound to Isle of Wight/Derbyshire, England MAY Outbound to  Memphis, TN 
AUGUST Outbound inter-club visit to Olympia, Washington MAY Inbound from Calgary, Canada 
OCTOBER Inbound return visit from Gold Coast, Australia      2007 
OCTOBER Outbound to Izmir, Turkey FEBRUARY Inbound  from Bujumbura,  Burundi 
DECEMBER Inbound  South Flanders, Belgium MARCH Inbound from Los Angles, CA  
APRIL Outbound to So. Sidney & Cairns, Australia & Manawatu, New Zealand 
FEBRUARY Inbound inter-club visit Washington, D.C.JUNE Outbound to Ottawa, Canada 
MARCHOutbound  to Pau, France and South Flanders, BelgiumSUMMER Outbound to Charlottesville, VA 
AUGUSTInbound Rio de Janiro    
SEPTEMBEROutbound to Japan

OCTOBER Outbound to Washington, D.C. 

NOVEMBER Inbound Kyrgyastan 





JANUARY Inbound from NE-USAFEBRUARYInbound Edmonton,Canada 
FEBRUARY Outbound to Bogota, Columbia MARCHOutbound Sao Paulo & Sao Carlos Brazil
MAY Outbound to Morocco OCTOBERAll FL Conference 
JUNE Outbound all USA to Burundi, Africa  NOVEMBERInbound Morganton, North Carolina 

Inbound from Halle-Salle & Merseburg, Germany 

Inbound from Baton Rouge, LA

   2009  MAYInbound Bogota, Colombia
MARCHInbound from Minsk, Belarus, Moscow, Russia and Tashkent, Uzbekistan AUGUST Outbound Seattle-Tacoma, WA 
APRIL Outbound to Austin, TX SEPTEMBER Outbound Tirana, Albania 
AUGUST Outbound to Calgary, Canada   
  2010   2013 
FEBRUARY Outbound to Baton Rouge, LA  APRILInbound Seattle-Tacoma, WA
MARCH Inbound Russian Open World Program  SEPTEMBEROutbound to Rostov-on-Don, Russia & Yalta Region of Ukraine
APRIL Outbound to Belgian Coast, Belgium & Halle-Salle Germany  NOVEMBERInbound La Libertad Club, Trujillo, Peru
NOVEMBER Inbound from Ottawa, Canada   


 FEBRUARY Inbound  Global Arts
 FEBRUARY Inbound  Isle of Wight
 MARCH Inbound Hamburg, Germany
 APRIL  Outbound  Santa  Barbara/Napa/Sonoma
 APRIL Outbound to Albuquerque, NM
 AUG/SEPTOutbound Netherlands  East 
 SEPT-OCT Outbound to Central Coast, Australia & Whangarei, New Zealand OCTOBER All  FL  Conference  hosted by SW  FL Club
 NOVEMBER Inbound Albuquerque, NM
 OCTOBER Inbound Los Angeles

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