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Another fun Holiday Party


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The Friendship Force of Sarasota web site has moved to a new site. Please click on this link to go to the new site FFSARASOTAFL.ORG
if you have any questions, please contact the club at: FFSRQ@OUTLOOK.COM 
Meetings are 1st Thursday of the month at Waldemere Fire Station, 2070 Waldemere St, Sarasota (across from Sarasota Memorial Hosp. We do not have meetings in July and August but do try to plan some fun outings. Visitors and guest are always welcome.
May 3, Thurs, special meeting, guests and friends welcome, 5:30 pm, International pitch in dinner. Costumes welcome. Ambassadors, Margaret Mills and Chuck Reist, on the Mexico Journey will share their experiences.
June 7, Thurs, regular meeting, 7:00 pm, our Florida Regional Representative, Judi Stratton, will speak on travel insurance and other FFI info needed for successful future journeys. Open for lots of Q&A.
Sept 6, Thurs, first meeting after summer break, Journey Packing Tips- panel of Experienced Journey Travelers
Nov 7-9, Super Regional Conference in Charleston, SC, all members are welcome
Oct, Outbound domestic journey to Connecticut

Friendship Force International

About Friendship Force
Be more than a tourist. Travel for good.
Friendship Force Sarasota is just one of 356 Friendship Force (FF) clubs active in 55 countries on 6 continents. 
Under the guidance of Friendship Force International (FFI) in Atlanta, Georgia, we learn about other cultures and experiences the only real way you can and that is by sharing their roof and putting your feet under their table. At first you may be hesitant, especially if you aren't fluent in another language, but it can be a great and rewarding experience to join in their daily activities and specially planned events. After making these special friendship and exchanging cultures, your hosts will in turn want to visit our club and learn more about us--much more than can be found in a travel guide or on the internet. As other clubs around the world learn more about our beautiful part of the world, they will also want to visit us and we in turn will visit them, exchanging a world of experiences and friends that will last a lifetime. How we do this is by club 'exchanges,' the heart of the Friendship Force organization.
During a club exchange, club members or 'ambassadors' visit a club as a group of 15-25, sharing in group travel costs and having the comfort of traveling with friends. One of the club members serves as the exchange director (ED), to make sure that everyone gets there and back without a hitch. If you belong to an FF club, you can also join another club's exchange if they are going to a place you have always wanted to visit.

Learn more here: http://www.thefriendshipforce.org/

Explore your world.
Understand its people.
Serve the cause of peace.

Become an ambassador of the Friendship Force today.